Video is special. It captures the way we act and speak. Photos and stories tell who we are; film shows who we are. Many events in our lives are one-time only experiences. Milestones, such as the birth to a baby and our weddings are events that are so poignant that we are compelled to put down on film. We film our vacations, parties and even our daily activities such as children playing because we, as human beings, realize how precious these moments are.

But while we excel at storing these moments, we often fail at sharing them? Like a priceless vase that doesn't get displayed at a museum, hours of film are catalogued, dated and stashed away forgotten.

Enduring Memories changes the way you think about your home video collection. With the click of a button, your memories are there for you to enjoy from anywhere in the world. We take your video, digitized it and make it available on our your personal website for you to watch and share at your convenience. And the best part is that it is there forever.

Most who use Enduring Memories for personal memorials find it easy and fun to use and appreciate that it is FREE!!! However, not everyone has the time or is comfortable writing prose, loading pictures or video onto a website.

Should you require a professional to write text, upload pictures or upload video, our Memorial Designers will do it for you. They will help you build a great memorial site that will be cherished for future generations. Contact us at or (201) 659-7037 for rates.