Each of our lives is rich in experiences and milestones. From birth to death, these experience are not only who we are but is our legacy for future generations. When we want others to know who we are, we answer by letting them know what happened in our lives and why. Our greatest accomplishments and stories are characterized as something we can tell the grandkids.

But all too often those events that meant so much when they happened, vanish into oblivion. It's ironic that we memorialize those who die with a gravestone that reveals their birth and death, yet we don't preserve the memories of their life between those dates. Preserving our life in context is really the story we want to pass along.

Enduring Memories timeline page allows you to express those precious memories. Each timeline segment will be accompanied by a picture and story. Here is where memories can be preserved with the honor and grace they deserve.

Most who use Enduring Memories for personal memorials find it easy and fun to use and appreciate that it is FREE!!! However, not everyone has the time or is comfortable writing prose, loading pictures or video onto a website.

Should you require a professional to write text, upload pictures or upload video, our Memorial Designers will do it for you. They will help you build a great memorial site that will be cherished for future generations. Contact us at designer@enduringmemories.com or (201) 659-7037 for rates.