The photo album is a staple in almost every home. It is where we turn to for our memories. The photo album is often easily accessible so we can show it to friends, family and guests.

We celebrate our milestones with entries into the photo album. The birth of a child, the high school graduation and the trip to Europe will all get a place of honor in this hallowed book. A wedding will often get a book of it's own.

Sadly, the fate of this most precious heirloom is often relegated to anonymity. When a family member inherits an album, what is its fate? Often albums are split up or even worse are delegated to a box or closet never to be enjoyed again.

An Enduring Memories photo album is another story. As part of the profile it will permanently be shared by one and all. It will be part of a life story that once created will be part of your family legacy forever.

Most who use Enduring Memories for personal memorials find it easy and fun to use and appreciate that it is FREE!!! However, not everyone has the time or is comfortable writing prose, loading pictures or video onto a website.

Should you require a professional to write text, upload pictures or upload video, our Memorial Designers will do it for you. They will help you build a great memorial site that will be cherished for future generations. Contact us at or (201) 659-7037 for rates.