Our pledge to the members of the US armed forces:

It is the men and women in uniform that protect the lives and freedoms of every American. Each and every time a member of the armed forces makes the ultimate sacrifice, we are reminded of the debt that we owe to that individual, but also loss to his or her family and friends.

We invite anyone who wants to memorialize the life of someone who has served in the US Armed forces to build a permanent website of their life story. Should you need assistance with the writing or loading of pictures or video, our trained staff will be honored to help at no charge.

Also, if you are serving overseas and would like to assure that your story is preserved for your descendants it would be the privilege of the staff at Enduring Memories to make that happen for free.

Contact us at militarysite@enduringmemories.com or call (201) 659-7037.


David Weltz
Enduring Memories