The family tree is the one place we can put your family relationships in context. Each of us can easily see our place in the picture that not lonely shows our place in the clan, but does so with such eloquence that words cannot.

An Enduring Memories family tree will serve as the anchor of your family story. Each leave on the tree will be a family member accompanied by a picture and a name. This tree can grow as time marches and will be the source to put your family in context. This tree can reach as far and wide as your own family and will be the focal point of where you came from.

Most who use Enduring Memories for personal memorials find it easy and fun to use and appreciate that it is FREE!!! However, not everyone has the time or is comfortable writing prose, loading pictures or video onto a website.

Should you require a professional to write text, upload pictures or upload video, our Memorial Designers will do it for you. They will help you build a great memorial site that will be cherished for future generations. Contact us at or (201) 659-7037 for rates.